Monday, December 27, 2010

#2 To-Do

Evaluate who you are now that you have had that person in your life. 

Every interaction we have with people can change us for the better. When we spend a great deal of time with someone we learn about their traits and qualities and sometimes we even start to assimilate those traits. The purpose of life is to learn from our experiences. There is no progression without pain but also, there is no point of pain if you can't see the progression.

It may be difficult and take some time, but at some point try to write down the ways that you have changed because of this person in your life. I have to do that periodically with everyone in my life, not just the people I have dated. But when you look back on all these experiences of mortality- even the ones that seem to be all negative- you can start to observe the hand of God in your life. Maybe the lessons you have learned from one dating experience were able to help you avoid pain in another. Perhaps the sensitivity you learned in a dating relationship made you a more aware of a sibling that was struggling and thus you were able to help them.

Our Father in Heaven wants us to associate with each other, to depend and trust, and most importantly love one another. We can get so much more out of our experiences if we ask for the spirit to open our eyes and understanding of the progression we have made while in a relationship.

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