Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#5 To-Do

Don't waste your time by always talking about it.

Not everyone will be sympathetic to your pains. And you may ruin relationships with people who were sympathetic but then got tired of listening to you rehash your story so many times. It is important to find people who love you, believe in you, and want to help you feel better. But don't take advantage of them, you need to take and give. Wallowing in your self-pity may be necessary for a few days but acknowledge the kindness of others around you that are trying to make you feel better. The worst part about a break-up could be breaking up with others that were close to you because you took advantage of their listening ear for far too long.

In the magazine Family Circle author Megan Bingham wrote,
"Oversharing can be bad, says research from the University of Missouri-Columbia. People who constantly rehash problems with friends have an increased risk of developing anxiety and depression."
It is ok to share and to allow others to help lift the burden and the pain, but remember that everyone has things they are struggling with and your life will only be improved when you can step away from your own problems and help someone else.

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